Curriculum and Instruction Goals and Objectives

The Toms River Regional Schools curriculum creates the structure to move students toward mastery of learning standards while providing research based pedagogy that drives student inquiry, encourages creativity, and prepares students for college, careers, and life.

Course philosophies are driven by the belief that students need to acquire and expand critical thinking skills, and apply knowledge and skills to real world problems.

The curriculum is designed to expose students to authentic learning opportunities across a wide range of content areas. Just as important are social-emotional elements like social awareness, self management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, independence, accountability, and motivation.

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What's New

Cara DiMeo

Cara DiMeo

Director of Elementary Curriculum


Norma DeNoia

Norma DeNoia

Director of Secondary Curriculum


Estee Mailot

Estee Mailot, Ed.D.

Director of Funded Programs / District Testing Coordinator

Debra McKenna
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum K-5

Marc Natanagara, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent Curriculum 6-12


Jay Attiya

District Supervisor of Technology